Tips for Painting Your Ceiling



The ceiling is the forgotten "fifth wall" in many rooms. Adding color to your ceiling can produce dramatic effects. Here are some helpful tips for replacing that old dull white ceiling with something spectacular:


  • For high ceilings, select a color that is a shade or two darker than the wall colors.
  • For low ceilings, select a color that is a shade or two lighter than the wall colors.
  • Lighter colors and cool colors will make your room seem larger.
  • Darker colors and warm colors will make your room seem smaller.
  • Likewise, lighter or cooler colors will make trim and accents blend into the background. Darker and warmer colors will make these things stand-out.
  • White or very light ceilings are usually best in rooms without much light. If you decide to use white, cool or warm whites can be used to achieve your desired effect.
  • It can be difficult to paint heavily textured or "popcorn" ceilings. If this is your situation, we recommend sticking with white.

We recommend Benjamin Moore waterborne ceiling paint - available in the full Benjamin Moore color pallet. Here are 3 of our favorite colors:*


846-Come Sail Away

867-Glacier Lake

1049-Toasted Marshmallow


*Over 3,000 Benjamin Moore colors are now available in new color sample pints. Ask one of our Sales Associates for details.