Your Entire Landscape Can Get Thirsty in Winter!


This Fall and Winter have been extremely dry so far. These dry conditions are very hard on your landscape and it needs to be a priority for you to step-in and give Mother Nature a little help.


Give top priority to trees and shrubs as these are the most difficult and expensive to replace and they do the most to enhance your property value. Deep root watering is recommended. To know where to water, imagine the "drip line" where water will drip off the outermost branches of your tree. The most important area to water is from this line outward about another half the distance from the trunk to the drip line. Use a root feeder (approximately $25) connected to your garden hose and insert it firmly into the ground in a zig-zag pattern around the tree.


Next give some attention to your lawn. Since in-ground systems are turned-off, use an all-season hose and a sprinkler. Concentrate on South and Southwest facing areas as these are the most prone to damage.


Be sure to disconnect your hose, feeders and sprinklers and drain them thoroughly if you will be leaving them outside or in an unheated storage shed in-case the temperature drops below freezing.


If you have additional questions, ask one of our helpful Lawn and Garden Associates.


This article contributed by our Lawn & Garden Manager, David Arabie.