Keep your Lawn and Garden Looking Great All Summer


Most garden and landscape plants need constant moisture in the soil for healthy growth, and flowering plants especially need water to produce abundant blooms. Water thoroughly after planting, then supplement rainfall with slow, deep soakings rather than shallow sprinklings. Ace Hardware has a great selection of watering supplies including soaker hoses.


Make sure your mower blade is sharp. Having a sharp blade actually cuts the grass evenly rather than tearing the edges off, stressing the plants. Bring in your mower blades to Ace Hardware for sharpening to help keep your lawn healthy.


Mowing tip #1: Leave clippings on the lawn. The clippings return nutrients & organic matter to the ground for a healthier lawn. See Ace Hardware for a quality Toro Recycler Lawn Mower.


Mowing tip #2: Change direction and pattern every time you mow. This puts less stress on your grass.


Mowing tip #3: Mow when grass growth dictates, not the calendar.


Mowing tip #4: Mow at 3" or the highest mower setting for a healthier, greener lawn. Your lawn gets hungry & stays hungry all year when it's growing. Grass can't thrive on a feast-or-famine diet of 1-2 feedings, meaning your lawn is going hungry most of the time.


Feeding your lawn 4 times a year is the best way to get a thick, healthy lawn that's more resilient to problems like heat, drought, disease & foot traffic. Using Scotts 4-Step program is a great way to provide the continuous supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.


Make attractive plant markers for the garden by cutting wooden stakes and sand them smooth. As you plant your seeds, save the seed packets. Glue the picture & name onto the stake and coat with decoupage coating. When dry, cover with 2 coats of clear spray enamel. You can find all of these supplies in Ace Lawn & Garden and Paint departments!


Purchase onion sets as soon as they show up for sale to prevent them from sitting in heated rooms. Store them in a cool, dry, dark spot until planting time.


How much should I water my lawn? A healthy, growing lawn should receive at least 1 inch of water a week, preferably broken down into 1/2-in waterings, 2 times a week. Morning watering is preferred, since evening watering leaves moisture in the grass that can promote fungal disease.