Houseplants - Your Winter Garden


Houseplants are a great way to keep your green thumb active during the winter months. At Ace Alameda Station, we offer an extensive selection of reasonably-priced and easy-care houseplants that will make your home or office look beautiful and feel more inviting.

In addition to looking beautiful, houseplants actually improve indoor air quality - naturally. Studies have shown that the presence of houseplants reduces fatigue, headaches, dizziness and concentration problems by as much as 30%. Cough symptoms by 40% and hoarseness and dry throat by 30%. Stress levels have also been shown to decrease. Houseplants reduce levels of carbon dioxide, increase relative humidity and reduce airborne dust levels within the home.


Houseplants can be used to make a design statement by drawing the eye to focal points within a room. Plants can also be used to soften less attractive features in the home such as entryways, hallways, wasted corner spaces, etc.


When selecting houseplants be sure the consider the available sunlight in the area you wish to locate the plant. Read the label on the plant or ask one of our Associates if you need guidance. We only carry high-quality plants, but it is always good to look carefully for quality. Plants should be the right color and shape and should be free of brown leaves or blemishes. Look at the leaves and stem for any signs of insects or disease. Our plants are acclimated to Colorado, but your home may have subtle differences from our store. Take care with new plants by keeping them cooler and following watering instructions. Avoid fertilizing for the first couple weeks as plants adjust to your home.


Looking for something specific that you can't find? Ask our Lawn & Garden Manager, Dave Arabie or our specialized Associates, Betty or Marie. We can special order most things for you within a couple days.