Broken Sprinkler?


One of the most common mid-Summer homeowner frustrations is a broken sprinkler. Sometimes you notice a geyser of water coming from a spot in the yard, but more commonly it'll just be a wet area in the lawn or garden. One of two problems is generally the cause...



1.  A break in the sprinkler line below the ground. This can be caused by a sharp tool or object hitting the line, general wear-and-tear and age of the line, or a heavy object such as car tire rolling over the line.


2.  A broken sprinkler head or a break in the riser that connects the sprinkler head to the line. The most common cause for a broken sprinkler head is when it is hit by a lawn mower.


If you notice a wet spot in the lawn not near one of your sprinkler heads, it is probably a break in the line. If there is a pool of water around one of your sprinkler heads is likely a break in the head or the riser.


In either case, a repair to the sprinkler system is an easy homeowner project.