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Build a Scotts Turf Builder Water Smart lawn   Turf Builder Water Smart provides the nutrients your lawn needs to withstand stress and grow strong.   more>


Keep your Lawn and Garden looking great all summer   Most garden and landscape plants need constant moisture in the soil for healthy growth, and flowering plants especially need water to produce abundant blooms.   more>


Beneficial Critters for Organic Gardening   There's a great way to naturally control lawn and garden pests without toxic chemicals - lady bugs and praying mantis.   more>


Starting Your Vegetable Garden Indoors   Consumers can save a lot of money at the grocery store by planting a vegetable garden from seeds.   more>


Composting At Home   Composting is a fun and rewarding activity for the entire family and it is great for the environment too.   more>


Broken Sprinkler?   One of the most common mid-Summer homeowner frustrations is a broken sprinkler.   more>


Your Entire Landscape Can Get Thirsty in Winter!   This Fall and Winter have been extremely dry so far. These dry conditions are very hard on your landscape and it needs to be a priority for you to step-in and give Mother Nature a little help.   more>


Houseplants - Your Winter Garden   Houseplants are a great way to keep your green thumb active during the winter months.   more>