Home Safety Tips and Products


Lead in the home has been a hot topic in the news media lately. If you are concerned about lead paint, lead in jewelry, antiques, toys or other household items a simple do-it-yourself lead surface test kit is available at Ace Alameda Station for $10.99 (item number 5272810). When used as directed*, this kit can reliably detect lead below the level of 600 parts-per-million, the Federal standard below which household items are considered "safe."


The Pro-Lab lead surface test kit is safe, fast and easy-to-use. Results are visible within 2 minutes. In addition to children's toys, many household items can contain lead including: ceramic pottery and plates, mini-blinds, paint in homes built before 1978, and pipes. An Ace Associate can explain the usage of this lead test kit before you leave the store.


For more detailed results, a mail-in test kit is available that will provide you with a report of the exact amount of lead contained in household items within 2 weeks.


For additional information on household lead, see these Websites:
The Consumer Action Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys


*Please refer-to and follow all instructions provided with the Pro-Lab lead surface test kit to ensure proper results.


Fire Safety
The new First Alert Tundra aerosol fire extinguisher (item number 8207409) is a great way to bring additional fire protection to your home. Household fires can double in-size every 30 seconds putting your home and your lives at-risk. At $17.99, the Tundra is a revolutionary 14 oz. fire extinguisher that never needs to be re-charged and can be used almost anywhere: kitchen, garage, office, fireplace, camping, grilling, boating, RVs, cars, workshops, etc.


Tundra is easy-to-use: no pins to pull, point-and-shoot operation just like familiar household cleaners. Tundra's discharge time is 4-times longer than traditional fire extinguishers giving you more time to put that fire out.


Visit the store to see a video demonstration of the Tundra fire extinguisher or ask one of our helpful Associates to explain the advantages of Tundra over traditional fire extinguishers.


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