Recycling, Trash and Hazardous Waste Resources in Denver, Colorado


Bagster - Purchase a Bagster at Ace for $29.99, take it home, and fill-it with up to 3,300 pounds of debris or waste.  Then call for a collection date and time.  Bagster is a simple solution for renovations or remodeling projects, yard clean-up projects, or cleaning-out the garage or attic.  Learn more here>

CFL Recycling - Ace Hardware stores in Colorado are the exclusive drop-off point for recycling your Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs). CFLs save energy and are great for the environment. Now you can safely recycle your CFLs - ask one of our helpful Associates for details. In Denver, this recycling program is funded by Xcel Energy.


Click here to download a PDF about CFL handling procedures.


Many products that you purchase at our hardware store must be disposed-of properly to protect the environment. Ace Alameda Station currently accepts the following products for disposal/recycling:


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Thermostats (old thermostats contain mercury and should be recycled properly)
  • We will also accept the following items for recycling in household quantities of < 25 pounds: magazines, newspapers, phone books, office paper, junk mail, glass, aluminum cans, tins, cardboard (must be flattened), steel cans, empty aerosol cans, paper packaging, plastic, brown paper (kraft) bags

Additional options for recycling and hazardous waste disposal are listed below.


Guidelines for Disposal of Commonly Purchased Items


  • Smoke detectors - Save for pickup if possible. However, smoke detectors may be thrown in the trash if wrapped in several layers of newspaper.
  • Thermometers - Save for pickup if possible. However, may be thrown in the trash if placed in a strong Ziplock bag and wrapped in several layers of newspaper.
  • Thermostats - Save for pickup if possible. However, may be thrown in the trash if placed in a strong Ziplock bag and wrapped in several layers of newspaper.
  • Paint and stains - Donate unused paint to a school, church or neighbor who can use it. Save for pickup if possible. Otherwise, mix with kitty litter in a 5 gallon paint bucket lined with a plastic trash bag. Allow to dry in a well-ventilated area, seal the plastic bag then double bag and dispose-of in trash. Empty paint cans can be placed in the trash, leave lids off.
  • Propane cylinders - Save for pickup. Completely empty propane cylinders may be thrown away or recycled. Old 20 lb tanks may be exchanged at Ace Alameda Station for a current tank that meets all regulations for a one-time upgrade fee.
  • Fertilizers and pesticides - Donate unused fertilizer or pesticide to a neighbor who can use it. Dry fertilizers and liquid fertilizers in quantities < 1 gallon may be double-bagged and thrown in the trash.

For more information:


Hazardous Waste Pickup
Including: adhesives, aerosols, art and hobby supplies, cleaners and waxes, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, used oil, gasoline, antifreeze, paint, paint thinner, varnishes and stains, small mercury-containing devices, vehicle and household batteries, fluorescent lighting tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs, flammables like kerosene, lighter fluid and mineral spirits, lubricants, spot remover, nail polish and remover, rubbing alcohol, and shoe polish. All materials must be in non-leaking, labeled containers.


Denver County residents may request one pickup per year by calling Curbside, Inc.
(800) 449-7587. For more information: or


The following items are accepted: household junk, construction debris, yard waste, dirt/sand/rocks, sod. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ARE ACCEPTED.


Additional Resources is a dumpster rental company with service in the Denver area. They provide convenient and reliable roll off dumpster service to homeowners and contractors throughout the city.