Get Yourself an "Earth-Friendly" Lawn Mower


Living in an urban area like central Denver where lawns are relatively small is a great opportunity to select an earth-friendly lawn mower like a new cordless electric or a classic reel mower.
Ace Alameda Station carries 2 of the top-rated cordless electric mowers. The 20" Toro eCycler ($399.99) gets top-ratings for cut consistency and quality. The eCycler has the ability to cut as high as 4". It mulches clippings well and can achieve a 70% charge in about 3 hours or 100% overnight. Its charge capacity will mow 7,000 - 10,000 square feet. This mower's only downside is that the battery can't be lifted-out for charging so you need to park it by your power outlet. The eCycler carries a 2 year full warranty.
A second top-choice for an electric mower is the 19" Black & Decker CM1936 ($399.99) which features a lift-out 36 volt battery which can be conveniently charged away from the mower. Although the cut-quality isn't quite as good as the eCycler this mower also cuts and mulches well. The removable battery makes this a great choice if you plan to store your mower in a shed where there is no power outlet. This mower can cut up to 14,000 square feet on a single charge. The CM1936 has a 2 year engine warranty and a lifetime deck warranty.
A classic-type reel mower is also an excellent choice for small urban yards. A properly adjusted and sharpened reel mower actually provides superior cut quality to a rotary mower because the reel and cutting blade intersect like a pair of scissors. Also, cutting your lawn with a reel mower is a great source of exercise.


The 20" Greenworks reel mower with 10" front wheels, 6" rear wheels and an integrated grass catcher is a great choice at $129.99. Our most popular mower is the 16" American reel mower ($114.99) which includes a sharpening kit. This model has an optional grass catcher ($21.99).


No matter which mower you select, you should start each season with a sharp blade. Ace Alameda Station can sharpen and balance your rotary mower blade for $7 (blades should be removed and brought-in separately) or adjust and sharpen your reel mower for $45. Engine tune-ups are available with 1 week turn-around from our ReadyRepair service partner.