Our Grill Recommendations


Whether you are looking for a great Father's Day gift, replacing your current grill, or selecting your first grill, the process can be confusing. Here are some of our recommendations for making your selection. See one of our Helpful Associates if you need additional advice.



Our biggest piece of advice is to select a quality product from a reputable company. Whether your budget is $60 or $6,000 a quality grill will last many, many years. We consider typical "department store" or "house brand" grills disposable - meaning they will last about 2 years at the most before they stop working correctly and begin to rust away. At Ace Alameda Station we carry quality products from Big Green Egg, Ducane, Traeger and Weber. Grills and accessories from these companies are built to provide many years of excellent outdoor cooking.


Pictured above is the Weber Summit outdoor kitchen featuring an S-670 grill, cast iron side burner, cooler tub, trash can and ample storage to create a full outdoor kitchen on your patio ($4,500).


What if the Weber Summit is out of your price range? No worries. The Weber Q series provides high quality gas grills starting at $149.99. These grills will out-cook and out-last any department store or house brand grill.


Another option to consider is charcoal rather than gas. Grilling enthusiasts know that charcoal grilling still provides the best flavor. Just listen to the backyard experts from  Grill vs. Grill on VistaTV Denver! Classic Weber Kettle grills start at just $89.99, provide excellent cooking characteristics and flavor, and last for years.


Or, if you consider yourself an enthusiast, you should check-out the ultimate charcoal experience: The Big Green Egg. The Egg may look a little strange but it is the most versatile grill you can have in your backyard. It can be used as a smoker, a grill or a convection oven enabling you to dazzle your friends and family with outdoor cooking creations. Hamburgers or steaks grilled on the Egg are some of the best you'll ever taste. A smoked turkey or Boston butt will melt in your mouth. Pizzas from the Egg are amazing! Ask our associates how you can get a "demo" Egg + Nest from this year's Grill Your Ace Off competition for just $749.


If you are looking to blend the convenience of gas grilling and the flavor of charcoal grilling, a great option to consider is a Traeger Pellet Grill. Traeger grills employ an electric feed mechanism that keeps the grill's temperature constant. Different flavors of pellets let you influence the taste. Like the Big Green Egg, a Traeger can act as a grill, a smoker or a convection oven. Like a gas grill, start-up and clean-up are super-easy. Check-out one of our Traeger demonstrations and see just how easy they are to use and how awesome the food tastes.


No matter what your needs or your budget our Helpful Associates can help you choose the right grill. Visit our barbecue department today. See our upcoming demonstration schedule at left. Enjoy free assembly and free delivery within 3 miles of our store.