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5280 Culinary BBQ Provisions Turkey Tips Sheet - download by clicking here.

Big Green Egg Turkey Cheat Sheet - download by clicking here.              

Complete Guide for Smoking a Turkey   Thinking about smoking a turkey for the holiday season or another special occasion?  Here's your complete guide.  more> 

Helpful Grilling Tips for Great Summer Cookouts   Bring foods to a cool room temperature before placing on the grill. Cold foods may burn on the outside before the interior is cooked. Use tongs to turn meat instead of a meat fork to avoid piercing and losing juices.   more>

Helpful Tips for Pizza on the Grill (or the Oven) - Cooking a pizza on your barbecue grill is quick, produces great flavor and amazing crust.  On hot Summer days, cooking pizza outside is a great way to avoid heating-up your kitchen.  Read these great tips from our friend Chef Jason K. Morse CEC, owner of 5280 Culinary Spices more>


Selecting a Grill   (Video) Tips for selecting between electric, gas and charcoal grills.   watch>


Temperatures for Grilling   Temperatures and times for grilling popular meats.    more>


Our Grill Recommendations   Whether you are looking for a great Father's Day gift, replacing your current grill, or selecting your first grill, the process can be confusing.   more>


Consider a Twist on the Turkey Tradition   There are a myriad of ways to cook the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Some of our favorites include frying, either in oil or in an infrared fryer, or smoking. Each has its advantages and unique flavor.   more>


A Few of Our Favorite Recipes   Here are some great grilling recipes we have tried.   more>