Are you looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift for Mother's Day, Graduation or Father's Day?  Then don’t miss Ace Alameda Station’s 2nd annual Moms Dads & Grads Gift Night on Thursday, May 9th from 5pm until 8pm. Working with Ace and The Grommet we have sourced the newest, coolest items invented by independent makers from around the country as well as great items from our exclusive Ace Best Brands including Benjamin Moore, Big Green Egg, Craftsman, Milwaukee, STIHL, Traeger, and Weber.  Gifts like the Little Burros wheelbarrow organizer, invented by Bob Thompson.  Or, the RovR line of wheeled coolers invented by Tom DeFrancia.  See these products in-action and meet some of the makers themselves.  Enjoy wine tasting from Divino Wine & Spirits and appetizers from 5280 Culinary BBQ Provisions.  This event is a must on your Spring to-do list.  RSVP by May 8th at midnight and receive a FREE $5 Ace Gift Card.  Goodie bags for the first 50 customers at the door.  Many prizes and give-aways.  There will be EXCLUSIVE deals the night of the event that are TOO GOOD to announce in-advance.


 Hundreds of unique gifts invented by independent Makers from Colorado and around the USA
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  Send us an email containing your name and contact phone number to RSVP by 5/8/19 at midnight and reserve your free $5 Ace Gift Card at the door. 
  Call (303) 733-3200 and ask one of our Associates to record your RSVP by 5/8/19 at midnight and reserve your free $5 Ace Gift Card at the door.  

2017 Local TV Coverage of Newest Coolest Gifts

Check out Connor Wist's coverage of our November 29th, 2017 Newest Coolest Gifts event on Denver Channel 7 KMGH. 
Ace + The Grommet

Ace Hardware CEO John Venhuizen and The Grommet CEO Jules Pieri on Ace Hardware acquiring a majority stake in e-commerce site The Grommet on FOX Mornings with Maria.  Click the image at right to watch.
  The Grommet.  Discover What's Next.

Grace Wilson from The Grommet works closely with store co-owner, Claudette Carlson to hand-select new items for our Newest Coolest Gifts event.  Ace Alameda Station is proud to feature the first Grommet store within a store.  Come see what we've found!
  Firefly Fuel.  Glass Oil Candles

Phil Tyson and his wife Susan take pride in their Sarasota, FL based business Firefly Fuels.  Everyone loves candles but they are messy, smoke and melt away.  These fuel-based candles are beautifully handmade.  They fit nicely into a contemporary or traditional setting both stand-alone or in a candle holder.  The clean-burning oil is an efficient alternative to paraffin oil that most people associate with oil lamps.  Come see these beautiful candles for yourself!
  My Audio Pet.  Bluetooth Animal Speaker

KJ Robinson from the greater Atlanta area invented this kids' Bluetooth speaker the looks like a tiny, adorable animal, but don't let that sweet little face fool you into thinking it can't crank our the tunes.  The speaker creates great sound in a design about the size of a golf ball.  It is packed with features like a wireless selfie remote shutter, built-in mic for phone calls, and optional pairing that lets 2 speakers create a stereo sound experience.  USB rechargeable for up to 6 hours of playing time.
  Strawesome.  Make for a Lifetime Glass Straws

Brian and Daedra Surowiec of Milford, MI invented handcrafted and beautifully-made Strawesome glass straws as an alternative to plastic straws.  Each straw is made in Michigan with super-durable, non-toxic borosilicate glass.  This material is the same used in the windows of the space shuttle!  The straws are dishwasher safe and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  AquaPaw.  Revolutionizing Bathing Your Pet

Daniel Lentz grew up bathing his family's dogs and came up with the idea for the Aquapaw when he was in college. Daniel worked on and off for years developing the final product while working as a professional Industrial Designer.  The Aquapaw is a wearable sprayer-slash-scrubber that you can turn on or off just by making a fist.

Click here to view the story behind AquaPaw.
  SoberDough.  Just Add Your Favorite Beer! 

You don’t have to be a master baker to make your own delicious bread. All you need to do is crack open a brew and combine it with your choice of delicious SoberDough bread mixes. Stir, bake, and serve. No cooking skills required and it only takes one hour.   Makers: Jordan & Veronica

Click here to view the story behind SoberDough.
  Rad Roller.  Goodbye Muscle Pain.

RAD Co-Founders Mike Mallory—a biomechanics expert—and Dan McIntosh—a professional triathlete—redesigned traditional body massage tools to be more effective. Their ergonomic massagers are made to target muscles and soft tissues more easily.

Click here to view the story behind RAD Roller.
  North Country Wind Bells.

Former Maine lobsterman Jim Davidson and his wife May have created these unique wind chimes that capture the sounds of over 20 coastal and harbor buoy bells from Bar Harbor to San Francisco.  All North Country Wind Bells are hand-crafted in Maine.

Click here to view the story behind the Wind Bells.  
  BeesWrap.  Be Gone Plastic Wraps!

Bee’s Wrap founder Sarah Kaeck wanted to eliminate plastics from her kitchen in-favor of healthier, more sustainable ways to store food.  By infusing organic cotton with beeswax she created a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap.

Click here to view the story behind BeesWrap.

  Magnetack.  Push Pin Magnets

Colorado-based Maker Bryan Pinchuk.  Bryan wanted to show off concert tickets and posters without putting holes in them.  He realized that push pin magnets would be the perfect solution, but he couldn't find any.   So he made is own!

Click here to view the story behind Magnetack. 
  Lilly Brush.  Be Forever Furless.

Colorado-based Maker Elsie Hamilton.  Designed with the help of one very furry and lovable rescue dog named Lilly, the Be Forever Furless Brush is ready to rescue you from pet hair and muddy paw prints everywhere.

Click here to view the story behind Lilly Brush.  
  Matador.  Packable Bags and Gear.

Colorado-based Maker Chris Clearman.  These packable bags and gear began with a walk in the park - and no place to sit.   Chris created a compact, lightweight, use-anywhere blanket first to solve that problem, and has since expanded his products to include other functional, easy-to-use essentials.

Click here to view the story behind Matador.
Come to the event to learn the stories behind so many other innovative Makers and their products.


A big thank you to our partners for this one-of-a-kind event...