Come see what we found!  On Thursday, May 10th from 5pm - 8pm, Ace Alameda Station is excited to be partnering with The Grommet to bring you the newest, coolest gifts for the Moms, Dads and Grads in your life.  With Mother's Day, graduations and Father's Day just around the corner you don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event.  Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 7,800 products, many of which have become household names including:  FitBit, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, OtterBox and S’Well.  Do YOU want to help discover the next big thing?  You will get a look at some of the newest, coolest products from independent inventors (The Grommet calls them ‘Makers’). Scroll down to see a preview of some of the regional 'Makers' with products available at Ace Alameda Station.


 Hundreds of unique gifts invented by independent Makers from Colorado and around the USA
  PREFERRED - Visit our EventBrite page to RSVP by 5/9/18 and reserve your free gift. 
  Send us an email containing your name and contact phone number to RSVP by 5/9/18 and reserve your free gift. 
  Call (303) 733-3200 and ask one of our Associates to record your RSVP by 5/9/18 and reserve your free gift.  Hours are 7:30am - 8pm Mon - Sat, 8am - 8pm Sun.

Local TV Coverage of Newest Coolest Gifts

Check out Connor Wist's coverage of our November 29th, 2017 Newest Coolest Gifts event on Denver Channel 7 KMGH. 
Ace + The Grommet

Ace Hardware CEO John Venhuizen and The Grommet CEO Jules Pieri on Ace Hardware acquiring a majority stake in e-commerce site The Grommet on FOX Mornings with Maria.  Click the image at right to watch.

  The Grommet.  Discover What's Next.

Grace Wilson from The Grommet has been working closely with store co-owner, Claudette Carlson to build the first Grommet store within a store at Ace Hardware - Alameda Station.  We are excited to have Grace helping us hand-select new gift items for this event.  
  Magnetack.  Push Pin Magnets

Colorado-based Maker Bryan Pinchuk.  Bryan wanted to show off concert tickets and posters without putting holes in them.  He realized that push pin magnets would be the perfect solution, but he couldn't find any.   So he made is own!

Click here to view the story behind Magnetack. 
  Lilly Brush.  Be Forever Furless.

Colorado-based Maker Elsie Hamilton.  Designed with the help of one very furry and lovable rescue dog named Lilly, the Be Forever Furless Brush is ready to rescue you from pet hair and muddy paw prints everywhere.

Click here to view the story behind Lilly Brush.  
  Matador.  Packable Bags and Gear.

Colorado-based Maker Chris Clearman.  These packable bags and gear began with a walk in the park - and no place to sit.   Chris created a compact, lightweight, use-anywhere blanket first to solve that problem, and has since expanded his products to include other functional, easy-to-use essentials.

Click here to view the story behind Matador.
Come to the event to learn the stories behind so many other innovative Makers and their products.


A big thank you to our partners for this one-of-a-kind event...