We will help you with paint!

Tired of searching for an employee in a big box store to mix a gallon of paint for you?  Think you have to go-it-alone when selecting colors for your room?  Don’t despair, Ace is your place.  We have a friendly, intimate paint department and our associates are knowledgeable about color selection and paint as well as how to apply it.  Bring-in your color ideas, fabric swatches, a photograph or whatever inspires you.  Browse our selection of design and color magazines for ideas.  Ask for help understanding how colors can enhance your home.  Already have a favorite color?  We can computer-match it exactly if you have a clean sample at least the size of a Quarter.  We will recommend the right paint for your project and your budget, and we will mix it expertly into the colors of your choice.  Starting your paint project is a whole different experience at Ace.    


Benjamin Moore, only the best    
We are proud to feature Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paints and stains.  For over 125 years, Benjamin Moore has been crafting premium paints and coatings for home interiors and exteriors. Superior quality ingredients and stringent manufacturing processes allow Benjamin Moore to consistently create coatings that apply smoothly and cover seamlessly. Benjamin Moore paints offer unmatched durability and maintain color integrity even after repeated cleanings.

Benjamin Moore offers the most extensive and the most historically-proven color selection available.  We encourage you to try before you buy and we can mix you a paint sample of any of the thousands of Benjamin Moore colors available.  Choose from ColorPreview®, Classic or Historical color pallets as well as the new Affinity® colors.  Any 3 Affinity® colors are guaranteed to complement each other in your home.  Sampling color allows you to see the colors on their actual surface and in the precise lighting conditions where you plan to paint. 

We carry four lines of Benjamin Moore paint:

Aura® - Proprietary ColorLock® technology offers unparalleled coverage and striking color in a low VOC, low odor product.  Aura does not require a primer and is guaranteed to cover any surface in 2 coats.

Natura® - Exceeds GreenGuard® industry standards for zero VOC and extremely low odor while offering outstanding performance.

Regal® Select – The latest low VOC version of the time-honored Benjamin Moore Regal line of paints.  Absolutely a premium product at a very reasonable price.

Ben – If you thought Benjamin Moore was too expensive, think again.  Ben interior and exterior paints are low VOC, high-performance and don’t require a primer.  Have a little fun!

Pick your color and then let us help you choose the right Benjamin Moore paint for your project and budget.


Clark + Kensington
Did you know that Ace Hardware has been manufacturing our own paint for 28 years? Clark+Kensington is the new, high-performance paint from Ace.  We love it and we think you will too. Clark+Kensington is a 100% acrylic latex, low VOC paint and primer in one that provides superior coverage in half the time. Fortified with microbeads for an ultra-smooth, easy to clean finish, Clark+Kensington paint and primer is designed to save you time and money so you can get your painting projects done faster and still have a weekend to enjoy.


Valspar Aspire Interior & Exterior – Aspire’s exclusive Everluxe Formula features a proprietary balance of polymers, resins and pigments for an ultra-durable finish and lasting colors.

Valspar Optimus Interior – This top-of-the-line paint features exclusive Opticolor Pigment Technology. Valspar Optimus delivers truer, amazing colors with an innovative resin technology that provides an ultra smooth, flawless finish.



Stains enhance the natural appearance and durability of wood and are a great way to make the interior or exterior of your home look great.  From decks and fences, to fine furniture and interior wood trim, we have the stains for your project. We also have a complete line of clear protective finishes.  We stock exterior stains from Superdeck, Penofin and Ace as well as interior stains from Minwax and Zar.

Specialty coatings
Paint has moved beyond mere color and finish choices.  Sleek metallics, soft suede, glow in the dark, rustic sand finishes, whiteboard and chalkboard paints are just some of the different directions you can choose. And paint doesn’t need to be limited to walls. There’s countertop paints, floor paints…  Imagine the possibilities.

Applicators and tools
The right tools help speed up paint application and ensure a quality job. Our associates will make sure you have the proper tools—brushes, rollers, tape, etc.—so your painting project will be as easy as can be.  And, don’t forget ladders, drop cloths, carpet protectors and all the other things you’ll need to pull-off that new look in your home.

Patch and repair
Before you can paint, often you need to repair surfaces and textures, fill gaps or cover stains. Sometimes these pre-painting projects can be more daunting than the painting itself.  We can give you the right advice to repair holes, re-texture drywall or plaster, fill gaps around counters or tile, and cover smoke or water stains so your painting project turns-out perfect.


Make painting easier with proper roller techniques
When painting with a roller, it's important to work in three - to four-foot square sections to make the job more manageable. This also works as a guide for "roller loading" - a roller should not be reloaded until the section has been finished. Work in a zig-zag pattern: A "W" should be painted on the surface from top to bottom and left to right. From there, the section should be filled with horizontal strokes. To finish off, the section should be smoothed with all-vertical strokes - this will maintain the same "pattern" and help to fuse the smaller sections into one finished surface when the paint is dry.