Ace Alameda Station carries over 15,000 items in our hardware department.

Like you’d expect from a hardware store, we have an unmatched selection of fasteners and hard-to-find hardware items in English and Metric sizes as well as hardened, Grade 8, stainless and brass finishes. Unlike many big box stores, we sell in bulk so you buy just what you need. We also carry a wide variety of brackets, connectors and mounting hardware to make your project come-out just right. Are you a hobbyist? You can find project metals, balsa wood, dowels and a selection of lumber and builder’s hardware as well.  Need chain, cable or rope?  We sell by the foot so you can buy exactly what you need.  If you are looking for locks, we can re-key your existing locks to a common key (see Ace Services) or we can re-key new locks to match your existing and vice-versa.  Ask an associate to help you find the perfect item for the job.

We carry:
Building Materials & Supplies, Cabinet Hardware, Chain, Cable & Rope, Door & Window Hardware, Driveway Maintenance, Fasteners, Mounting Hardware for Floors, Walls & Ceilings, Garage, Roofing & Siding, Handtrucks, Home Safety & Security, Key Rings & Accessories, Letters, Numbers & Signs, Mailboxes and Padlocks


Security that makes the grade
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) uses a grading system to gauge the safety and security of door locks. Grade 3 locksets are the most cost-effective and provide low-level residential security. Grade 2 locksets meet light commercial building requirements and provide medium safety at a medium price. Grade 1 locksets, though somewhat more costly, meet stringent commercial building requirements and provide maximum residential security. Generally, a Grade 2 lock is sufficient for most homes.