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Our goal is to be your lawn and garden destination
We’ll supply you with everything you need and give you helpful advice to get your garden growing and keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. Our knowledgeable lawn & garden associates will answer your product questions and offer the hints and tips you’ll need to ensure growing success.


Lawn Care
In Colorado’s arid climate, keeping your lawn looking lush and green all season can be a challenge.  We can help with soil preparation, selecting the right seed or sod and recommending a low-cost program for fertilization, weed control and insect control.  We can offer products and advice to allow you to water your lawn less often and we are experts in keeping your lawn green and healthy if you have pets.  We offer lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment from Craftsman and Toro.

Outdoor Plants
Our seasonal Garden Center features annuals to bring color to your front yard or back patio, high-quality vegetables and herbs for your garden, and perennials and shrubs for enjoyment year-after-year.  If you don’t have a flowerbed or a garden, ask one of our associates about container gardening – suitable for small and large spaces alike.  Our Garden Center opens in March each year and remains stocked until October.

Indoor Plants
We offer an extensive selection of reasonably-priced and easy-care houseplants that will make your home or office look beautiful and feel more inviting. Houseplants actually improve indoor air quality by reducing levels of carbon dioxide, increasing relative humidity and reducing airborne dust levels within the home. Our helpful associates can advise you on selection and care. Potting service is also available.

Soils and Amendments
The first step in all gardening is quality soil and proper soil preparation. Few existing garden soils provide ideal conditions for plant growth, yet it is the most easily controllable part of the plant's environment. We offer a full line of soil amendments, fertilizers, and mulch to give your garden a good foundation. Our experts can help you determine the right products for your unique needs.

Insect Control
From getting you set-up with the right products and applicators to information about how to apply products safely and when, the experts at Ace can help keep your garden pest free. Ask us about natural, organic options too.

Tools and Implements
Working in your lawn and garden can be a relaxing experience especially with the right lawn and garden tools. We offer a wide selection of cultivators, spades, trowels, pruners, loppers and other garden implements. Ask us about ergonomic tools to make the work easier and your muscles a little less sore. 

Whether you are winterizing your backflow valve, replacing a broken sprinkler head, installing a drip irrigation system in your garden or just looking for the right garden hose, we can offer the helpful advice and information you need to get your project done.

Art and Statuary
Add energy and drama to your outdoor spaces with a fountain, statuary, gazing ball or other accents.  Amidst the greenery and floral beds, garden ornaments provide a focal point and a sense of character.  Bring your unique sense of style to your outdoor spaces with helpful advice from our associates.

Can't find the exact plant, tool or part you are looking for?  No problem.  Ask our Lawn & Garden staff about special orders.


Check out our helpful lawn and garden advice
Over the years, we’ve developed a wealth of experience and knowledge. From lawn care to pest control to gardening, we’ve got lots of great tips to help you keep everything green and growing.


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Get your garden ready for fall

Fall and winter will be here before we know it, which is our queue to make off-season preparations for our gardens!  A great spring garden next season begins with steps you should take now.

Veggie Garden and Annuals
It’s a good idea to remove the spent plants/vines from the surface to prevent the summer-feeding insects from laying eggs in winter. If the plants are not diseased, you could work them back into the soil, adding valuable organic matter. This helps improve soil drainage and water-holding capacity, as well as loosen up heavy clay soils.

After temperatures hit freezing and the plants die back, cut the stems on most perennials to within an inch or two of the ground. Dispose of any diseased cuttings, as they can cause problems in spring. Some plants, such as Oriental poppies and iris, produce a cluster of green leaves in the fall. Leave these intact. Remove only the older, brown stems that remain from spent flowers. Don’t forget to water these plants during dry winter conditions.

As the season progresses and the weather becomes colder, mulch the soil around plants. Mulch keeps roots cold and moderates the effects of extreme temperature changes during winter freeze and thaws. Apply to a depth of 4-6 inches. A few plants, however, such as peonies and bearded iris, don’t require winter mulching and actually do better without it. Mulching can cause their thick, fleshy roots to rot.


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