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We have everything you need to make your home or business sparkle. Plus we test-drive our products so we can give recommendations about what will work best for your problem area. Stop in and ask about our best cleaners.


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Vacuums & Sweepers, Trash Cans, Trash Bags & Recycle Bins, Household Cleaners, Cleaning Tools, Buckets, Floor Care, Gloves.


Remove tough stains naturally
The best way to eliminate stains and odors is the natural way. UNIQUE®, a Colorado company, makes products that use bacteria to completely eliminate odors and stains. Bacteria actually grow and produce more enzymes (similar to the enzymes in our stomachs). These enzymes break the stain down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest, then turn the food into water and carbon dioxide. UNIQUE® products are designed to enhance this natural process hundreds of times, so the odors and stains are gone in hours. Remove urine, vomit, blood, cat spray, litter box, feces, skunk, grass, food, red wine, juice, mustard, coffee, grease, mold, mildew, diaper, and any other organic stain or odor without scrubbing!